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Free route planner to plot and share route maps for driving, walking, cycling and more, with directions.

There is less of the unknown when it comes to traveling daily. Even though there have been advancement in the road and car safety, most people are still contesting a road traffic case on a daily basis.

How to use:

- On the search bar, add information to your starting location and your destination and choose options whether you are driving, walking, bicycling and transit.

- On the search bar, click get the shortest route and alternatively choose whether to show or hide traffic.

- A map from Google map will show up at the bottom which shows the best route to go.

- Another feature is it will give you information about the total trip cost. The trip cost will include information about the total distance, total cost and per kilometre cost.

- The total distance shows a detailed calculation of the distance in km.

The only downside is that it does not work offline. However you can choose to print the map by clicking the print icon on the upper right side corner. But nonetheless, the convenience and cost effectiveness it offers is incomparable! Truly this is the ultimate secret to crushing your route.

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